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I'm 15 shhh;) I am a massive football fan! Or in some peoples cases (soccer) I support Glasgow Rangers, year 11 at school which means I'm almost done only a few months��

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    Update!:) and reply to my kiks! Aha
    My New Life
    My New Life
    I'm alone. Well, not completely. I have my brothers. They have always been here for me. Except for Connor who is somewhat insane after watching Dad kill Fletcher. I'm fine I guess except for the fact that...
    7 years ago
    yah sorry i will
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    Update update update!!!!
    From Brother, To Lover
    From Brother, To...
    Niall, Niall Horan. that's his name, my brothers name to be exact. My brother every young sister wants to have: caring, sweet, protective, always giving hugs and kisses, helps whenever needed and treats...
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    Does anyone know how to help with grief?
    Whomever You Please
    Hey, I know how you feel. I've been going through a lot of grief as well. I've been trying to get through a handful of deaths, five to be exact. I've been reading up on the five stages of grief, it will vary on how fast we get over it, we might not ever. Right now talking about it will probably help, if it's too painful as mine has been, write about it, I write and make up a name and write it in letter form. I guess it helps me, I'm not very good at talking about my problems because my family isn't really into talking. So writing is the best thing for me. I really hope I can help you.
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