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  • Greeneyes
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    i saw u quite liked my story fighting for you so i hope these news makes u happy: I'm back and im gonna update it today. sorry i've been away. xxxx
    Best friends, no matter what happen. (a Harry Styles fanfiction)
    Best friends, no...
    This story goes about a girl called Jessie. She lives in Holland and her life is far away from perfect. She is seventeen when her parents die. After that she is going to move to London with her uncle and...
  • Greeneyes
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    omg i love this story!! update as soon as u can! <3
    Tutoring My Enemy
    Tutoring My Enemy
    Teagan is a girl who doesn't have many friends. Well, she used to. She used to be best friends with the one and only Louis Tomlinson. Something happened, and now they hate each other. What will happen...
  • Greeneyes

    mumbled "been away"

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    Holaaaa! The next update on Fighting For You will be up in a few days due to the fact I've been abroad. I'm sorry for the horrible update.

    Love u lots:)
    7 years ago
    YAY! And it's okay take your updating is not horrible, just take your time :)
    7 years ago
    can u guys go checkout my fanficts and become a fan thanks
    7 years ago
    iWetStylesBed: thank you
    aliciahoran1: will do :)
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