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    Oh my god. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? You need to have a happy ending! But I love this
    Cupid's Plan
    Cupid's Plan
    [finished] An endless story about a girl and boy who haven't given up on love. What happens when you let Cupid decide? I can tell you that you're in for some surprises. Two lovers experience some crazy...
    7 years ago
    Thank you, and it's been a constant battle whether or not to have a happy ending. I really can't tell you whether or not there'll be one... But thank you and I hope the ending meets your expectations! (:
  • Juliana_aka_bo
    Okay. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! TEAM LUKE ALL THE WAY! I mean I love Harry, but no. TEAM LUKE!
    Making It Right. (SEQUEL - MY MISTAKE)
    Making It Right....
    *SEQUEL TO MY MISTAKE* It's been three years since Harry Styles kissed Camryn and ruined her relationship with Luke Hemmings. Luke isn't taking it too easy. But neither has Camryn. Since she moved in...
  • Juliana_aka_bo
    Oh my god!!! PLEASE UPDATE NOW
    His Dark Past
    His Dark Past
    I'm dangerous, she's innocent. I'm a trouble maker, she's a rule follower. I'm darkness, she's light. How did two opposites come together in the first place? Read to find out ;)
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