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damn i look good today

  • JuliaBrookes
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    thank you to everyone following me and reading my book!! i will get the next chapter up as soon as possible. make sure to like point guard!!!
    11 months ago
    your welcome. I really enjoyed the story :-3 <3
  • JuliaBrookes
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    step 1: JuliaBrookes
    step 2: Point Guard
    step 3: Play like it’s your last game, so love like it's your last
    step 4: a girl shooting a three pointer if you can’t do that, maybe something about basketball, or about basketball and a cute couple or something like that.
    step 5: don’t really know what this is so no thanks
    step 6: it’s a romance novel. not a fanfic or anything like that.
    step 7: no thanks
    Mini's cover store (closed)
    Mini's cover store...
    Come check this out!
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    1 years ago
    Problem :)
    1 years ago
    It's done! :)
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