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  • Julia Rennon
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    Yet another tale to romanticize eating disorders. I know lots of people like things like this however I feel that the use of a boy to conquer her disorder is for want of a better word, disrespectful, to all those who have had to go through therapy, become in patients and battle into recovery alone.
    Skinny Love
    Skinny Love
    After being bullied for years about her weight, fourteen year old Madison Drew develops anorexia. A dangerous disease, anorexia could be the death of Madison unless she receives help. Fast. And then...
    Anne Shaw
    2 years ago
    Youre right. Going through an eatinb disorder can be hell and a boy seems a very fictional, romanticised solution
    2 years ago
    Thank you
    Austria Fangirl
    2 years ago
    True, it may seem like that, but personally this story is very inspirational to me. I have an eating disorder and I love reading stories like this because even if the solution is very far fetched or definitely fictional, it still gives me hope that there is a solution and I can get better. Yes, I highly doubt that it'll come in the form of a boy, but it's still something to hold on to.
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