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    Don't be afraid to make the wrong choice- we learn from our mistakes!
    Hopes and failure of a French girl
    Hopes and failure...
    You may not care about me but I need to write this down somewhere; I need to express myself. I'm doubting since so long; I just need to try to make it all clear.
    Yes, you're right! Thanks.
  • Belsebastian
    I like it. It's quirky, and pretty darn good for a romance
    Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere
    Love letters jut got a lot weirder.
    Mina Rowen โ˜•
    Thanks. I think I suck at romance, and whenever I write one it's one of my attempts to get better at it. I just have a hard time believing that all romance is love at first sight, you know? There's so many ways that it can occur, sometimes in the most unexpected ways towards the most unexpected people. I wanted to convey that in a way.
    5 years ago
    Mina, I swear, I'm not spamming, but if I gave you easy access to some of my movellas, would you look at them and give me some tips?
    Mina Rowen โ˜•
    Sure, of course. But the thing is now that I'll only have access to the internet one day in a week, thanks to our dorm warden. I'll definitely check them out, it just might take some time.
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    mumbled "Where for art thou co-author?"

    Hi, I'm looking for a co-author to write a horror novel about a seemingly innocent kid assassin who has gotten away with every murder she has committed- yeah it's not gonna be too popular, I expect. But if anyone wants to help please do!
    Mina Rowen โ˜•
    I'm interested. Do you want to send me a co-author request?
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