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Runic: Aeonian Overture // 135,009 words

Runic: Stygian Necrosis // 109,682 words.

Glamora - A Runic Short Story // 5,824 words

Runic/Vire - Glass Grimoire // 90,449 words

Runic/Vire - Vixie's Fun Run // 2,770 words

-Currently in the works-

Runic: Deity's Decide // Third book of main series

Runic: Sempiternal Solo // A stand-alone, on-going

Runic: Heart of Spoils // A stand-alone, on-going

Find out much more on the website.

website - https://www.crimsos.org

  • jubjubird

    mumbled "Question about Heart of Spoils"

    1 days agoReply
    Who here thinks a publisher would actually pick up the craziness that is Heart of Spoils?

    Runic - Heart of SpoilsAll life's a game for those who thrive in a world filled with them. In the wonderfully bleak realm of Sitic, a small band of misfits dwell in the only...

    Or should I just post the chapters here?
    Little Miss Author
    I think that somone will.
    1 days ago
    Or I could just do both. I'm just wondering if publishers will think its too strange of a story -wacky characters in a wacky world.
    Little Miss Author
    lol, yes do both, so i can still read them
  • jubjubird
    3 days agoReply
    Could you provide some feedback for this story?

    Runic - Sempiternal SoloYoung violinist Lola Pern is starting to realize how far one can go in order to perfect something, in every sense of the world. A song from the past haunts...

    Take as much time as you need :)
    Review Store
    Review Store
    I know a lot of people have already done this, but I've decided to do it, too! Here you can request reviews for any of your stories, of any genre, and I will also review blogs, if asked. I provide honest,...
    Eileen Prince
    2 days ago
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    Thank you! I will.
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