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live for 1d :)

  • Jordan Chambers
    Lovely book can't wait for he next part :) xx
    You got served, Alpha
    You got served,...
    A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story. Lexine Winheart, the sixteen years old girl who has been neglected by everyone. She is constantly being harassed and treated harshly by her pack and her family....
  • Jordan Chambers
    Please update :) xxx it's amazing x.
    The Other World Project
    The Other World...
    Astro is a normal 15 year old girl, smart, pretty, active, and popular. The annual winter dance is coming up, and the cutest boy in school asks her to it. That night he tries to force himself on her, and...
  • Jordan Chambers
    Please update, amazing book your really talented xxxx
    Abducted and Stuck
    Abducted and Stuck
    18 year old Nichole Emmers has been driving to home to school and back and has been seeing a large white van driving around with five figures in it. Then one day, when the large white van pull up...
  • Jordan Chambers
    OMG please update it's amazing!!! Xxx
    Story of my life
    Story of my life
    Harry styles, aka the criminal with no face, is known for his horrified crimes in the quiet city of London. He will kill anyone that gets in his way, he doesn't care who you are as long as you have a heartbeat...
  • Jordan Chambers
    Belonging to him- Harry styles AU-: please update its an amazing book xx
    Belonging To Him -Harry Styles AU-
    Belonging To Him...
    "...If I wouldn't have had gone, I wouldn't be where I am now..." Shane Lyons. 17. Beautiful and smart. Every guy's dreams. But one particular night, she catches the eyes of Harry Styles, the town's...
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