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I love Batman and all super heroes mostly him though.
I like to express my feelings about Batman threw writing.
I also LOVE The Joker & Harley Quinn they are my favorite ever! Them them so much! Anyways I hope you enjoy my fan fictions! Thank you

Please no hate. Your comments will be deleted. I'm just doing this for fun so why slam me?

  • Joker&HarleyQuinn

    mumbled "Just a thought... Can anyone elaborate? "

    So I was searching threw some of the Batman fan fics on a different website and I came across a dirty fan fiction about the caped crusader. Every one knows that The Joker and Batman are enemies BUT here's the twist.... Harley Quinn and Robin are having secret affairs behind Joker and Batman's backs! I loved it but some of the dirty aspects were... Graphic... So I'm thinking about getting the writers permission and putting a simple of it up here and if you guys want more then.. Yeah I'llost more and more every week or so. :)
    7 years ago
    oooo wanna know more :3
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