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Hey, I'm Katelyn!

I am 14 years old and from England! :)

Dedicated to YouTubers and bands <3

Practically got my headphones in 24/7

Chat later :*

  • DreamsOfWonderland
    Please update x
    caught up in the drama
    caught up in the...
    Lexi is a model. Who just happens to be staying in the same hotel as Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, And Carter Reynolds How they met is the weirdest. but will they become friends or just go separate...
  • DreamsOfWonderland
    Update please :)
    bullied nash grier
    bullied nash grier
    This is about a girl named Isabelle. She is bullied by nash grier and his friends. She feels one day she might love him. One thing nobody knew was that nash always loved her secretly. He only bullied...
  • DreamsOfWonderland
    Hi, I hope the personal problems are better now, if you need to talk just message me and we can kik or whatever aha :) I was wondering since the last person commented 2 months ago if you could get update. It's okay if u can't. Would love to read more <3
    Why me? (Nash Grier & Cameron Dallas fanfiction)
    Why me? (Nash Grie...
    Why me? Why him? Why them? Why her? Why this? Why life? All the questions that goes trough the young, unhappy, and insecure Anna's mind. Her life started to change when she met them. The Blue eyed goofer,...
    6 years ago
    They are, Thank you very much. I am so sorry for not posting in forever but i forgot my phone i a plane and i write on there and a lot have happened. But from tomorrow i will start writing again. Its late here. Im glad you like it so far <3 :)
  • DreamsOfWonderland
    Please update i really want to read more
    Bullied (Nash Grier)
    Bullied (Nash Grie...
    Abby Smith has been bullied since middle school by A group of boys in her school. One of the boys turn out to be in love with her? Or will ever everything come tumbling down in the end?
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