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My name's Katherine but you can call me Kath or Kate just not Kathy.
I write in Wattpad, you can follow me there as JohnGreenLover as well.

I've finished three books; the two of which belong to a set called Goodbye to Us novels. The other one is a novel entitled Sad Beautiful Tragic.

I'm writing new material every day and I'm hoping people here would like it.
I'm ready to explore my options and different genres.

Two things you should know about me is that besides my name being taken literally, I'm a music freak and I am older than you think.

Follow me on twitter: @KDewittBukater

  • JohnGreenLover

    mumbled "Stopped"

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    I stopped writing for a while even though I had all this time in my hands. Ugh. I hate that my number one reason for doing so is because my computer didn't do a good reboot. I'm merely borrowing my friend's laptop just so I could write again but it's just not the same... Weird how I could feel about this with a computer. A lifeless machine could actually be your other world, a huge part of your life. But then again, what are notebooks and pens for?

    Ready to rewrite, remember and repost my stories then. :)

    =Katherine ♥=
  • JohnGreenLover

    mumbled "Mumbling"

    I am lacking inspiration! Why is that? I mean, I did my stories without so much as a thought and now I'm having writer's block. Is it the downpour outside or the cold weather or something? Man. So bummed.
  • JohnGreenLover

    mumbled "Help?"

    Yes, I'm very fond of meeting new people. BUT I don't know how to message them or to "tag" them on my comments! How would I know they see the reply I sent them? How do I send a message?

    Sorry. Freaking out because I just woke up and I have a terrible headache. -.-
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