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The Moan of Steel Part 2

by , Monday August 14, 2017

Up Up and away, err... Again


My Moan of Steel blog has gotten something Man of Steel has yet to get, a sequel.

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  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "A Broken Record"

    3 days agoReply
    I've mumbled about it before, but now I'm done.

    I checked the user blog section and it's still overrun with spam so I reported one but I also wrote this.

    It's advertising an escort service. Although to be honest I don't know why I am still bothering to do this.

    I don't know who is going to see this but I just need to get it off my chest.

    Seriously have you all on the movellas staff just given up on the user blog section, because I've lost count of the number I've reported.

    If it has become too much for you just say so and pull the plug on the whole feature because otherwise it's a waste of time and a waste of what was and could have continued to be a good addition to the site.

    Yet because you either don't care anymore or worse through incompetence you have failed to remedy the problem and it genuinely doesn't feel to me like anyone is even trying.

    Am I being harsh, well possibly it's just how I felt at the time of writing and I stand by my words..
    Katie Pharoah
    3 days ago
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    I think they haven't given up just their methods of clean up aren't as effective. Spam and reported stuff gets taken down in a clump every week. But by that time more of the same has cropped up to replace the old. I think more has to be done to censor the content you put on it so you have a point :)
    Mister Tea
    2 days ago
    I don't know they only do it weekly so either they need to do more than one bulk spam removal a week or get a bit more proactive in blocking spam accounts being created. Just to post escort ads or other types of spam. I mean reported the account that posted the fake blog I'd reported as it had only been created on Sunday and was clearly a fake account.

    Not sure how it would work but someone suggested having to wait 2 or 3 days after joining before you can post a blog or mumble.

    I don't know who the site admin are anymore is it still Skye or someone else, whoever it is it feels with that and the edit issues Zirree and others have mentioned there has been a drop in the quality of the site.

    Anyway I'm done moaning about it, so I'm going to go back to focusing on the good things about movellas and back to writing.
    Lily Anna
    2 days ago
    I agree! It does get frustrating to see this kind of thing and feel like it's not being taken care of. However, I don't think they're not trying to sort it out, just maybe not quite as efficiently as they perhaps could.
    I know that running a website like this probably takes a lot of time and effort and as far as I am aware, there's not a very big full time team so it does seem to feel like things aren't sorted too quickly but it's probably not entirely their fault. If anything, the people behind the spam accounts too should just stop posting on a website like this as it's not wanted; although I know we can't just tell them to stop and they will.
    I definitely feel like there could perhaps be some more kind of filter system or automatic censor put in place, but I don't know how hard that would be to get to work.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Two Become Three"

    4 days agoReply
    No it's nothing to do with the news of the forthcoming new royal baby,

    It's simply me mumbling about the fact that chapter two I'm writing on the secret fan fiction story was is so long I cut in half and now I have a complete chapter three ready to go.

    Well after spell checking it of course.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Tease You"

    1 weeks agoReply
    Here is a second teaser, not the full trailer I mentioned working on in my last mumble that has some mistakes I need to correct, so I made this tease instead for my upcoming fan fiction story.

    While it reuses a couple of clips from the first tease it also features a few new bits and has a bit more of a hint as to what or who it is about.

    Okay, this is the first one again just in case you didn't see that mumble about it from a few weeks ago.

    If anyone out there better than me at making trailers or even if you have never made one would anyone mind giving me some opinions on either of them.

    The clips used did I edit them together well enough, what about the music choice just let me know if you think it goes, could I have made it louder or quieter or used something else.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Maybe Tomorrow or maybe not"

    2 weeks agoReply
    Yeah, so anyone remember that mumble of mine about how I was working on a teaser trailer for a new story and that I'd hopefully be publishing it tomorrow.

    Well it took just a little longer than planned, tomorrow came and went and I hadn't finished, well good news I have now made not only a teaser trailer and a full trailer for this story, oh and yes I am actually writing the first chapter as well.

    Well here is the first teaser,

    A little commentary I'll say that much like a regular movie teaser trailer maybe along the lines of something released at Comic Con, it's thirty seconds, the scenes aren't in order and it is I think cryptic as to what the story is about.

    All I'll say is that as you can see from my usual efforts this is a fan fiction story.

    For anyone who remembers that mumble may be aware that I said I was also working on a trailer for my Marvel fan fiction stories, I don't know yet when this one will be ready.

    Yeah I still have no idea now if or when that will be finished. Hey mediocrity can't be rushed.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Maybe Tomorrow"

    1 months agoReply
    I'm working on a teaser trailer for a new story I'll be publishing soon.

    I will hopefully be able to post it tomorrow and I'm also working on one's for my Marvel fan fiction stories, I don't know yet when this one will be ready.

    Yeah I am still writing the stories as well.
    Mister Tea
    1 months ago
    Well apparently tomorrow hasn't happened yet because I still haven't posted either of the book trailers I talked about because neither of them is ready.

    Yeah I should probably not make statements like that. Sorry.
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