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  • John Bryan

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    If you live in the UK like Star Wars The Clone Wars and like me don't have Netflix, you might want to know that the final season is on sky movies star wars channel next Tuesday and Wednesday morning's.

    They are also showing the movie's and season's one and two of Rebels.

    This has been an unpaid for announcement on behalf of Sky tv.

    Now what are the odds they'd give me one month for free even if they did see this mumble.
  • John Bryan

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    2 years agoReply
    Wrote and edited bits for a couple of chapters. This is the first time I've done anything for any of my stories since about April or May.

    Now to see if any of it sees the light of day.
  • John Bryan
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    Hi should have told you this at the time, so you might have noticed that I have taken my name off, this book.

    I just wanted to cut down on the number of books on my profile page as I haven't really been active with my writing and I don't remember the last time I contributed to this so that's why.

    Just want to say thank you and I am glad to have been invited to be part of it.
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  • John Bryan
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    Ok apologies in advance for being a bit thick, I blame the time of night I'm sitting here writing these queries.

    I have a movella in my drafts I started a long time ago, but hadn't worked on for ages and never published before. Can that still be eligible if I post it now. Well not right now, but before the comp deadline.

    Also does it matter what category its in, fiction in a genre or fan fiction in a sub category.

    Also sorry if you have answered this before I have lines from the song in it, used as lines of dialogue in a couple of cases. Where the lyrics have been used as words spoken by the characters they are not whole lines used verbatim they are modified so they could just look like ordinary words to anyone who doesn't know the song. Should I change or edit them out altogether.
    2 years ago
    This is in regards to your first question, @[John Bryan]

    @[NathanielStanley] is there a glitch? Because I have put things in my drafts, having never published them before, and they came out published saying that they were published on the date the draft was put in. But no, it actually wouldn't be eligible if you did publish it without editing it. Skye has said that people must have the same time frame to write their stories in multiple competition comments, so unfortunately that's out.

    It's also stated here, in the competition FAQs:

    Writing Competitions on Movellas:...

    by Skye S, Friday January 22, 2016
    FAQs in Competitions: Not sure what the rules are? Want to know what matters when it comes to our writing competitions? Read all about it
    Read more

    "No. To be fair, all participants must have around the same length of time to write their story or entry, so you shouldn't submit anything that was written before the competition in question started."

    That being said, she did say that you can edit something that has been previous written, or take parts from it and expand on it, so that option is open.
    2 years ago
    ... Maybe it's been changed since I last did it XD It was a while ago, after all :P
    John Bryan
    2 years ago
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    Okay the time limit thing seems silly, at least to me anyway. The story when I created and drafted it was pretty much the synopsis and the song lyrics copy and pasted into a chapter, but they wouldn't be used as part of my entry the chapter I wrote last night would be.

    Anyway even if you had a fully written story ready to go on the day the competition was launched it doesn't mean it will win, you could enter movella that is just a single chapter on deadline day and that could be selected as the winner. it's the quality of it that will make it a winner.

    I wonder can the administrators tell how long something you've written has been in your drafts or if you just copy and paste it into a New Story and publish it that way.

    Well those are just my thoughts.

    Looks like I won't be entering but still thanks @[NathanielStanley] and @[Sanguine] for replying to my questions.
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