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HI! I'm Elouise and I like all things DanTDM, YouTube, Music and FanFiction! I am 19 years of age and met DanTDM LAST WEEKEND at Insomnia56! Hope you enjoy my stories and see you later,

Elouise x

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    mumbled "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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    Guys who else is SUPERR EXCITED about watching the new Star Wars film. I know quite a few people have already watched it but I haven't and I'M WATCHING IT TOMMOROW OMG! I'm SUPPPAAA EXCIITTTEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!

    Sorry 'bout this, I'm just too excited!!
    Hugs and Tickles,
    Elouise <3 xoxo
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    I think that Draco's mum is gonna come and save her :) Keep up the good work bestie :)! <3

    Elouise <3
    The New Girl
    The New Girl
    Madeline is the new girl at Hogwarts. Her aunt and uncle get pulled into a meeting and she has to make a big decision. Is she going to be a death eater or will she decide to live her life as normal?...
    We'll just see what happens x
    3 years ago
    KNEW IT!
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