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"You do you, and I'll do me."

Nobody's perfect, society just needs to realize that.

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    update soon. Tis is SOO good! And what happened to the other cover?! I LOVED the last one...although this one is nice too I guess..
    The Nerd Project
    The Nerd Project
    |Completed| Zoey Burnett was a normal teenage girl. That was before The Nerd Project came. She started having mixed feelings with one of the players as time passes, she grew more and more in love with...
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    mumbled "Anyone?"

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    Anyone want me to read something? I'm kinda boreeeeeeddd,
    5 years ago
    read this
    The Death serviceEver had that person who you just wanted to kill but didn't know how to, or that person who drives u insane you could rip them apart limb by limb. keep...
    Finding My Neverland<3
    Starlight Moments<3Mandi was tired of being heart broken by every guy she fell in love with. So she decided it was time to leave. With her bestfriend Melissa they went to...
    Hard To Love<3Danielle Love has always been difficult when it came to love. Well until she took on a job as a photographer for a famous boy band. She thought that it...
    Could you read this, please? :) It's not very long ^^
    Dear MaggieWynter finds a box filled with letters. By reading them, she will learn a lot about Maggie; but she has no idea who has written them all.
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