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    Please continue/update it's a good start!!! If you need any help with your story I could help^_^
    (English) Quest - Sword Art Online
    (English) Quest...
    Its the year 2022 and the new game Sword Art online is just about to come out, but when Ellie buys the game, she has no idea what she is getting into..
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    I have posted a few chapters to my new story based on Naruto. Please check it out. Don't worry I'm still working on my Cynthia Phantomhive story I just decided to post another one of my stories on here. It's called; Luna Uzumaki (A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story). Hope You Like please comment
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    I have written my first story on this site. It is called; Cynthia Phantomhive (A Sebastian Love Story) For those of you who don't know this is a Black Butler Fanfic story^_^
    Here is what the cover looks like:
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