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Well I'm Jay.
*Waves awkwardly*
I'm a Irish teenage guy. I write a lot of poems, but I'm trying to write more stories. I also like to sing, play guitar and play piano. Oh, and use computers. And speaking so articulately that someone says "What?" As the penname suggest, I am a self proclaimed nerd. I am in too many fandoms to count, and I'm trying writing fanfiction.
I hope you like what I write!
Oh, and I have a writing blog :

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    mumbled "Back again"

    I've been gone for ages, but now I'm back, working on a story with a guardian angel in a shirt, tie, and waistcoat, a girl and a little boy with heavenly powers, a demon gone good, and a kidnapping. Getting there!
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    This may sound like a weird one, but just read it all.
    When I see this post: "When people whose parents get them everything they want and they still complain."
    I have those parents. But can no one see how material that is? If your family never spend time with you, and laptop isn't gonna fix it. If they don't love you, an iPhone isn't gonna fix it. Having everything and still wanting for something you can't buy is the worst feeling there is. Just because you have a lot of material possesions, doesn't mean you are loved or cherished by your family.
    Rants/Things that piss me off!
    Rants/Things that...
    Things that piss me off and would make the world a better place if it would just dissapear! Leave your name and one of your rants/something that pisses you off and I might put it in the book:)
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    Yeah this could be really good.
    Diary of a Cutting Girl (DOACG)
    Diary of a Cutting...
    PHOEBE CARMICHAEL hates her parents, life, and so-called "friends." How does she calm her anger? Telling her parents? Talking to a counselor? No, Phoebe calms her anger by cutting herself. She cries...
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    Funny Teenager Posts#
    Funny Teenager Pos...
    I thought I'd take a break with all my scary horror writing! If your bored just scroll through the teenager posts :D sooo relatable *awkward turtle*
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