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I like Movellas! Lol. Updates every Wednesday! Thanks for all the support given. Love ya! Meow! �� email: jaydaj3@aol.com
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    #poorharry OMG update soon! :) xx
    Tour Bus 301 [n.h]
    Tour Bus 301 [n.h]
    Book 2 - “I don’t know if I should go on tour with you,” My smile fades. “You are coming on tour with us,” Niall replies, while a smirk forms upon his face. “But, what about Daisy. She will find out,”...
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    OMFG this is beyond amazing! You are extremely talented! Please update!
    Psychosis ➳ ashton irwin
    Psychosis ➳ ashton...
    "This. Belle, is real. I'm real. Why won't you believe me? I'm here in front of you. If you aren't going to believe me then I guess I'm going to have to force you to." // Psychosis [sīˈkōsəs]: is a loss...
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    OMG !! Liam took that too far. No wait Cassie took that too far. Gosh update soon please! This is amazing :) xx
    The Sibling Games
    The Sibling Games
    Liam and Cassie, siblings and twins. Although they're twins, they can barely get along with each other, constantly fighting. That's when they come up with the Sibling Games. It's a prank, argument, and...
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    mumbled "Spaceship ~ h.s __ Blurb"

    "You'll never be anything in life."

    In the future, 2197, Seventeen year old, Jayda Porter, is alone in life. Her parents died when she was three, and she lives with her roommate who's hardly ever around. Her teachers tell her all the same things. That of course, is that she'll never be anything. Bullying is pretty much her lifestyle. She's been bullied since she could remember, so she keeps her head down. She's not extraordinary, so she thinks, but why her?
    When a spaceship crashes on earth, and is know to have aliens in it, everyone panics.

    Harry Styles is a 20 year old alien. He's never seen a human before in his life. But when him and his parents decide to take a trip to earth, he's all for it. His spaceship crashes, and he's the only one who makes it out alive. He's alone now, and finds an immediate attraction to a girl watching from her window. He needs to get back home, because aliens can't last long on earth without finding love.

    Will Harry fall in love with a human? Will he be able to handle the human cruelty, and lifestyle? What about Jayda? Can she figure out what Harry is? As how to get him home?

    He only needs two things: love, or a spaceship.

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