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hey its jaybraday and I will write as much as I can send me your book titles and I will read and favorite them thanx bye my lovelys

  • jaybreday
    7 years agoReply
    you are a great author please right another book so I can read it too or update more PLEASE
    Hey, sorry but I've literally only just seen your comment. I just wanted to let you know that I really really appreciate your comments and I'm really sorry I haven't been updating lately because I've been busy with the blog my friend and I are doing. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm updating very soon and I've written quite a bit today with you in mind so thanks again babe and stay awesome! X
    Kathrine Larsen
    7 years ago
    Hey there! :D
    if you want to take a look at my history, Dolomia, I would be so happy! I'm from Denmark, so I have only this one story in English. But in any case I would be really happy if you'd check it out. It must then be said that I haven´t addressed it through yet, so you must excuse me, if there are many errors;)
    Thanks in advance <3
  • jaybreday
    8 years agoReply
    let me guess you like Liam the best
    Irresistible; a sequel to Last First Kiss, a Harry Styles Fan Fiction :)
    Irresistible; a...
    Jessa Parkers had 4 loves, with Liam Payne, who she married and had a child with, but one false night ruins everything. She dated Harry in high school, fell in live with a impersonator, impersonating Zayn...
  • jaybreday
    8 years agoReply
    update please
    Old love..
    Old love..
    Harry Styles had a girlfriend named Makenna but then he broke her heart and he see's her agin..
    8 years ago
    Hey, Thank you so much for reading!!! I will update ASAP!! i have cheer tryouts and practice so it may be late.
    ~Makenna XOXO
  • jaybreday
    8 years agoReply
    am zayn and fablouis
    Who Knew?
    Who Knew?
    Jaqueline Dester. Light brown hair that travels down to her petite waist. Big, green eyes that could mesmerise anyone who looked into them. The perfect shade of lightly tanned skin. Very pretty indeed....
  • jaybreday
    8 years agoReply
    update please!!!!
    Baby Blues
    Baby Blues
    Imagine fnding out you've been impregnated by THE Niall Horan. Well that's Mikki's reality, not it wasn't one of those one night stand drunk sex. It was true meaning love making. It all happened in...
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