• jasmine_styles2297
    plzzz update?
    Being Danielle Peazer's child, and Liam Payne's
    Being Danielle Pea...
    Hello my name is Emma Payne and my parents are Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer. I live with my dad, but I want to live with my mom. Sophia is my dad’s girlfriend and I hate, she hates me. She abuses me...
  • jasmine_styles2297
    Name : jasmine
    hair : dark brown with four blond high lites
    eyes : Hazel
    personality :shy, smart, sporty, kind, and friendly when you get to know me.
    boy : Harry
    plz / and thank you
    1d imagines
    1d imagines
    Hey guys I'm making imagines for u guys so tell me in the comments wat u want I only do clean ones sorry but all i need to know hair color eye color which boy what is it about style of clothing I guess...
  • jasmine_styles2297
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    can I have one? plz
    my name is Jasmine
    17 yrs old
    best friends name is Sapphire
    Harry styles
    it was our 1st year anniversary and I catch him cheating on me, or something like that, thanks
    One Direction Imaines Part II
    One Direction Imai...
    Hair Eyes Age Name Favorite Color Best friend's name Situation Boy i'll try to make every input (No dirty imagines made)
  • jasmine_styles2297
    update plz ? thx
    Dog Hybrid
    Dog Hybrid
    You think being a dog hybrid is SOOO easy. Well think again. What if you had siblings, crazy scientists, and of course the wonderful wonderful knowledge of knowing your smallest sibling would die. Find...
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