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I can neither live with you, nor without you. - Uta

  • Eira Jane

    mumbled "Um...what?"

    11 months agoReply
    How the actual fuck do I have 153 followers. Dudes I haven't been online in over a year, why are you still following me???
    Eira Jane
    11 months ago
    So I'm going to republish all the drafts I have stored on here cause I may as well. There only going to sit on here and never get updated anyway. :/
    11 months ago
    i relate
    Eira Jane
    10 months ago
    Lol yeah, I've literally logged in about 3 times over the last two years. The one novella that I left published over that time has a ridiculous amount of views.
  • Eira Jane

    mumbled "Oh god."

    1 years agoReply
    Its funny when you log on after about your know a year of inactivity and lol my story has gotten 17k reads...like what the hell. LOLOLOLOL this never gets old.
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