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Hi.. How is your day going? Thats cool... I guess? My name is Johnny. And apparently Im Johnny Depp. I like to write.. I guess. Have a nice day now. Oh, and if possible, can you bring me some food please? I guess you could call me a guy directioner. because I like their songs and know their names..But I really like bands like Sleeping With Sirens and Blood On The Dance Floor..Oh and I like NeverShoutNever.. Oh.. And I got a high-five from Dwayne Johnson in like.. January.. CX

Ask for me to be a fan back and I will. C:

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    mumbled "So Sorry"

    Guys I havent been on in absolutely forever. And I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys or any of my storys, everything has just been so hectic, and I only have one computer now, so I'll try to be on more.
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    Sounds vaguely familiar... CX Just kidding.. its good though. I finally read it... C:
    Here Comes Goodbye
    Here Comes Goodbye
    Jonathan and Avaya just began their relationship. Their happy and in love as can be. Their graduating high school in six months, and Jonathan wants to propose to Avaya when he says his graduation speech....
    7 years ago
    I bet it doesn't sound so familiar anymore :D xx
    It is slowly becoming different.. CX
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    I have been extremly busy lately, I had to go to one of my bestfriends wedding, my brother's birthday party, I'm going to Florida next week, and a lot more. So I will try to work on everyones as soon as possible. I promise, it's just kind of difficult.
    One Direction Imagines. C:
    One Direction Imag...
    Okay guys, Im going to try to make imagines for anyone who asks. It will be weird because I'm a guy, but WHUTEVER.
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