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I'm just your everyday ordinary fangirl of a teen, I love to read and write... enjoy

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    The 13th Hunger Games
    Name: Jacinta Pearl
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Long, Dark Brown Hair, Silver/Grey Blue/Green eyes, Mid-Tall in height
    Personality: Sporty, Active, Funny, Kind, Caring, Friendly
    Preferred District: 4
    The 13TH Hunger Games
    The 13TH Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be in the Hunger Games? Now you can. I need 24 tributes. But its only for girls so each district will have 2 girls!!!
    5 years ago
    District 4 is taken but I'm gunna pick a different one for you! Thanksk thou!
    3 years ago
    Hello, I had lost my password to this site for a good year now and recently found it. Have you deleted this book?? Just wondering?
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    Sorry guys, this story is really short. I need to add some more onto it and will do it sooner or later... Hope you all enjoy this - it was an English task :)
    Werewolf Luck
    Werewolf Luck
    Cooper isnt an ordinary teenage boy but he dosen't know that, yet. When he finds out what his true identity is, he is scared of himself. He falls in love with Ella but has to fight for her against Dave,...
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    OMG, i have only had Movellas for a few days and this was the first story i have read on the whole site! Sooo UPDATE PLEASE!! :)
    30 Day Boyfriend
    30 Day Boyfriend
    'I dare you to be my girlfriend for 30 days..' 'No way Bieber! No cha-' 'I dare you Kayden, if I dont treat you the way every girl should be treated or if i do something wrong like cheat, I leave....
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    OMG u have to update this!! Like now!!!
    Only You
    Only You
    We cry, we laugh, we fight, we smile, nothing could possibly tear us apart.. I thought I'd only think of him as a friend. I met him when I was 12. I thought we'd only be best friends. But we grew up and...
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    K, so I'm a really BIG fan of the Mortal Instruments! I just want this book to impress me as much as that did... Fingers crossed :)
    The Mortal Instruments: City Of Gold
    The Mortal Instrum...
    What if it was all a dream? What if 'The Mortal Instruments' never happened? What if Shadowhunters never existed? Or did they? What if everything had happened at different points in time? Clary, a normal...
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