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Hello readers and writers! I'm Jean Bell, a teenage girl living in a small town. I live in the country Canada, which can be lame. I tend to read when I'm not busy, so no worries if I update late. I like hearing from you guys, so talk to me as a friend or as an author. I would say English is my favourite class, but I get horrible writer's block - fast. I love to write poems sometimes, mostly love poems. I get sick, so expect updates more so when I'm sick - because that's when I feel more creative for some strange reason. Did I mention, I'm 16 and I like both UK Boy Bands, One Direction and The Wanted. Yeah, don't be surprised if one of them is mentioned, or done a story on. Especially if it's Niall or Jay. I cannot sing, but I sing-a-long to songs. I play guitar though. I have an obsession with superhero movies, I just don't read the comics, so yeah. I'm going now, so bye lovely people! ♥

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    mumbled "Love interests for BBBDSBN"

    Anyone who likes Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness or Max George has an opportunity to try be their love interest in my Fan Fiction 'Boy Band by Day, Superhero by Night'. So, please tell me if you're interested.
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