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  • izzy_icecream
    I love this story it's amazing!
    Just a question though, sorry but why was she forced to go to him and 'fall in love with him'
    Forced Love
    Forced Love
    Calum Hood. The most popular boy at my school. Most girls dream about falling in love with him. Except me.
  • izzy_icecream
    Please update I love this story and every time I go on I always check and I get so sad because there's no more to read
    The 76th Hunger Games
    The 76th Hunger...
    Ashby is the daughter of Katniss Everdeen. She has been told barely anything about the Hunger Games purely because of her mother's fear. This puts Ashby in a dangerous position. She and her family are...
    3 years ago
    Best story ever
    3 years ago
    U need to be a writter
    L. P. Johnson
    3 years ago
    Ahha thank you - I'm sorry I don't write much anymore. I'm in the dreaded GCSE year so I really don't have much time for anything unfortunately :/ But I should write some more in summer, so if you've got spare time to read it, that would be the time :) x
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