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My grammar isn't 100% perfect but trying my best to improve it. Please read my stories once in a while. Thanks.

About me :
I'm a sarcastic and weird teen from North Borneo. Yas people North Borneo does exist. I'm currently 15 but not official yet ;) I like writing and drawing ever since I learned the existence of pencils.

(I know my stories sometimes don't make sense but I can't help it, I have low sense of logic)

P.S : I wrote Keep Dreaming when I was still 10 or 11, so please try to understand why that story is so childish and cringing.

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    mumbled "Hallo"

    Even though I'm an old member but this is like the first time I'm active in Movellas. It would be my pleasure if people read my stories. That's all bubye~
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    Please update ~
    Marriage Contract [ON HOLD]
    Marriage Contract...
    "You may not kiss the bride" Keira Bright is a talented girl. She's a fashion designer and a supermodel. Not only talented, professionalism also courses through her veins. However, one day, she had...
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    Nice story.
    Nevermore Academy
    Nevermore Academy
    Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she...
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