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  • laughtxrlines
    sorry to bother you but why did he die? like what happenend?? please answer xxxx
    He walked past me and my friends gasped as he stopped and winked. He continued walking. I have no idea who he is, but I have to admit he is really hot. His curly brown hair, emerald green eyes, those dimples....
    2 years ago
    I'm honestly not sure why I killed Harry. I think it was just because it seemed like it was something that would happen to him because he was such a mean and terrible person, and it could've been like an act of karma. I don't know, I think I also wanted to do this because I am not planning on writing a sequel to this story, so it might've been to prove to my readers that I am not writing a sequel because there can't really be a sequel about just Allyson herself. I mean, there could be, but it wouldn't be as interesting because Harry was obviously such a big, negative impact on her life, so a sequel wouldn't be good because Harry was such a big part of her as well. I truly believe that their love story was beautiful, and Harry's passing only makes it more and more beautiful because, even though he died, she still loves him. And she still loved him throughout the story even though he was abusive, and such a negative person. I also don't know how Harry died. It could've been anything. You can imagine it the way you want. Based on Harry's terrible past, it could've been suicide, murder, accidental drug overdose, you just never know with him. I like to think that it also isn't important how a person died. It's more important to me how they lived.
    Such a great question! Questions and comments never bother me, so if you have any other questions, just let me know.
    Sorry I took so long to answer!
    But thank you for reading! It means a lot. I hope you enjoyed the story, love. Xx
  • laughtxrlines
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    fave fanfic!!! keep up the good work??
    infidelity ♔ hes
    infidelity ♔ hes
    a story in which a beautiful, innocent tutor falls for the handsome, engaged teacher.
  • laughtxrlines
    Can somebody please write an update ?
    Teenage Years
    Teenage Years
    It's hard being the teenage daughter of Harry Styles, one of the members of one of the most popular bands on the planet, and Emma Styles knows it all too well. Emma's been in the spotlight all her life,...
    3 years ago
    I am continuing " teenage years" so click on my profile and it will me on there
  • laughtxrlines
    It's amazing so far!!! Already in love
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