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Infident: Having no confidence in people or things.

I love reading fan-fictions about The Janoskians/or anything really so if you would like to recommend anything, don't be shy :D

If you have any good teen fictions tell me, and maybe I could put one of your stories in my Recommended Stories book and follow you. 'So we can be life long friends!'

♡One Direction♡
♡The Janoskians♡
♡Little Mix♡
♡Miley Cyrus♡
♡Justin Bieber♡
♡Demi Lovato♡
♡The Vamps♡
Anyway, have a nice day, Bye ♡
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    Try to make less errors in your writing and try to spell things right, then its pretty cool. As soon as I find grammar and spelling errors, it puts me off straight away... <3 :D
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