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  • marieunoia
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    Hi guys! I see that many of you are requesting for covers. (haha.) But don't you worry if your cover is taking TOO LONG. I'm trying to make one but I got TOO BUSY and I forgot ABOUT MOVELLAS. Don't worry (again), because on our semestral break, (which is 1 week, by the way.) I WILL MAKE ALL OF YOUR COVERS. Just not now because my exam is coming up. I hope all of you will understand. <3 Have a nice day! :) (BTW, our semestral break is almost coming so... I hope all of you can wait) Bye! ^.~
    Cover Store!
    Cover Store!
    I'd like to make a cover store, for free!! You can just comment the deets (details) of your book! Take note that I'm doing it for free. Just give credit, okay? Ex: This cover is made by: imfabulouis Here...
  • marieunoia

    Hai Would you like to read my Fanfic?

    7 years agoReply
    Please read my fanfic : The Only Mistake
    I'm not done with it but it would be greaat If y'all read it!
    And please comment or like if it's good.
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