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I'm obsessed with One Direction, Taylor Swift, Little Mix, Olly Murs and any other British artists you can think of. I have a thing for curly haired, green eyed British guys name Harry ;) I'm 14 . Oh and I don't promote my novels but if you like it, feel free to. :)
Haven't got any yet though!

Errm, I'm a Potterhead, a Whovian, a Trekkie, a Slytherin, a Randomer, an Emoticon Enthusiast, an LGBT supporter, a Starkid, a Procrastinator, a Karate Kid, a Dragon Rider, a Reader, a Writer, a collector of old books, a collector of notebooks, a Fighter (when given the fight or flight choice), an avid TV watcher, Oh, and I Believe in Sherlock.

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    I hope you win. This is awesome. The whole plot could totally be a novel if it was extended and carried on, etc.! Super good.
    There Was Hope (Competition Entry) - Completed
    There Was Hope (Co...
    ***For The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Contest*** The year is 2019, and everything has changed. Vampires rule over the human population; and it's their way. Or no way. They don't sparkle, they don't make...
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