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I am 13 and I want review on stories I write so I figured here would be good I have never seen bad review here!

Harry is my favourite member of One Direction and meeting them would mean the world to me!! So if you can make that happen...

My birthday is on September 13 (same as Niall) and I have one younger sibling and a dog and my best friends name is Riane (like Diane but with an r). Liam is Riane's favourite.

I have twitter it is @lizzeloves1D so if you liked my stories please follow me!! Also watch me on YouTube I'm Cutie20143 Subscribe to me PLEASE!

If you are a publisher and you like my writing I would be happy to be published *hint hint*

I write when I'm bored and stressed so expect a lot of short little stories that come off the top of my head. Also check out my original account that I forgot about on here, LizzeLoves1D and I might be posting stories that are from movies and books. Check it out!

  • Iloveyouonedirection
    Name: Allanondra (Alla for short)
    Age: 15
    Description: Black hair and blue eyes. Just short of average height. Long hair always fishtail braided over her shoulder.
    Clothing Style: camp tee and skinnies, tights or joggers with combat boots or converse.
    Attitude: Shy at first, but very outgoing and weird once comfortable around you
    Weapon: twin celestial bronze daggers
    Crush/Boyfriend: Leo Valdez
    Type of Imagine: Romance, funny
    Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Imagines
    Percy Jackson/Hero...
    Want an imagine, with so e of your favorite Percy Jackson characters? Just leave this information in e comments section. Name: Age: Godly Parent: Description of Yourself: Type of Imagine: (romance,...
  • Iloveyouonedirection
    Awesome job! When I get back from camping, maybe we can hang out and write more, put more on here and such...? Let me know!
    Dark Secrets
    Dark Secrets
    My name's Hope and I'm dead... Well, I'm supposed to be. I woke up buried and in a cemetery and to make matters worse it looks like I have a personal stalker as well who may be my only chance at answers....
    6 years ago
    Yea that would be cool then we go see kick ass 2 the next day with cole :p
    Lol okay! Uh, add me as co-author now. I need to go through and edit... Just in case, you know...
    6 years ago
    I have to wait till I get home
  • Iloveyouonedirection
    This is absolutely fantastic and I would love to read more. Maybe about Brian, maybe abot Josh, maybe about Brian and Emily. Just keep going.
    Purgatory Platform
    Purgatory Platform
    The narrator, Brian, wakes up with a shocking realisation - he has died! Trapped in a place where sin works like monetary debt, Brian must find a way to lose his sin and board the train that will take...
    6 years ago
    Thanks! I'm planning on expanding this 'chapter' and also writing a few more but from the points of view of completely new characters, so watch this space! Glad you enjoyed reading it!
  • Iloveyouonedirection
    This story is being transferred to my account because she is no longer able to get into her account
    You Stupid Super-Soldier
    You Stupid Super-S...
    Claire Seymour isn't your average 23 year old. Nope. When she was fifteen, she may have broken into a lab and may have stolen a vial with a pink substance in it and accidentally had it get into her blood...
    7 years ago
    Never mind peoples! I'm back!
  • Iloveyouonedirection
    It's okay I have confidence it will be great
    My name, Elizabeth. I am 13 years old and all my family are gone! Dead or have left me! I live in Ireland, Mullingar. I moved there when Harry Styles dumped me! But when they have a tour in Ireland dose...
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