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OK to get one thing straight, I am a very broken & careful person. I have trouble trusting a lot of people & I have a very dark side that not a lot of people know about. I am a freak, yes, but I can be normal - sometimes; when I want to.

When I'm upset, I tend to write A LOT. All my feelings are poured out into my stories. The sufferings that my characters to through? Those are the things I've suffered. The villains and evil people? Are all based on real people who have screwed me over.

I have friends now. I am no longer depressed, but there will come days when I can't help returning to that phase.

I am also currently in an amazingly complicated relationship with the guy I LEAST expected to love me back and want to be with me.

Now, forget all the emotional stuff and find out who I really am - behind my mask, of course - !:

I'm a girl who loves music & writing. My parents don't understand my obsession over writing stories. My mom thinks by posting stories online, I'll turn bad and start chatting with boys - who will turn me bad. I mostly write poems when I'm upset over something & I just need to write my feelings out.

I can be an awesome friend to anyone who needs one...all you have to do is just ask me & I'll do it. :)

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    Hey, I love this already. Hope u write more soon! =D
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    Thanks, and I will soon. Thanks for reading.
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