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Hey everyone!
First I'd like to say thankyou so much for coming to my profile. I am proud of the first fan fiction I have written on this website, which is a Niall Horan fan fiction (I'm really sorry but I've forgotten the name of the story)

I am a major Potterhead and a little bit of a Directioner. I'm not absolutely ( <-- Spelling?) crazy over them, but I like them.

You might not be able to tell, but I am the most excitable, hyper, crazy person in the world!! Just ask my friends. (Well, you sorta can't cos they're not on this site)

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Also I am BRITISH AND PROUD!! I am currently single and spending most of my time with friends.

Thanks for coming to my profile and I hope you enjoy my stories!!

Bye!! X ;P

Hey guys! Just one more thing, please could you follow my very good friend Olivia? Her username is StereoHead4 so yeah! Follow her! Byez!

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    mumbled "INSTAGRAM!!"

    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I have an instagram account so you can now see my ugly mug !! Haha lol. Just letting you know that I'll also follow back (instagram) if you comment on one of my pictures 'I'm a movellian!' Follow me on instagram at iinotperfectii !!
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    Need Characters

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    I need some characters for my fan-fic 'Nobody Dates My Sister, Got It?'
    Here's the info I need: (Doesn't need to be about YOU)

    Age: (Must be over 16):
    Looks:(Can be a picture or desription)
    Any Pets?:
    How you met the boy you want:
    Extra Info:

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to seeing some good characters! :D
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    I'm in love with this fan fiction. It's so original. Well done pon thinking it up. Also, I agree with @Mookla, I think that when they reach their goal they go back to the real world. Is that near right?
    The Collision (Harry Potter)
    The Collision (Har...
    Harry Potter. Some of us weren't completely happy on how it ended. What happened to Draco and his family? Did James like Rose? What house did Albus actually get into? Will Snape (even though he's dead)...
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