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I am 16 years old! I love singing, dancing, reading, writing and volleyball! I also love my family and friends. If you have any others don't be afraid to ask.

Well gotta go my friend needs me....

Bye!! :)

  • I4Love5You6
    7 years agoReply
    Please do continue! This is amazing so far!
    I'm -Their- Sex Slave
    I'm -Their- Sex...
    Ellie has been abused by her father and has been sold to five boys to be their sex slave. She meets new people in the process and somehow gets a bit close with others. She is sixteen but yet strong. Niall...
  • I4Love5You6
    8 years agoReply
    Update please..... <3
    Kidnapped by Louis and Eleanor!!! What?
    Kidnapped by Louis...
    13 year old Sara and 5 year old katie are abused by there dad. Sara get abused the most protecting her sister. One night a walk in the park to get away with her sister turns in to geting kidnapped by a...
  • I4Love5You6
    8 years agoReply
    Update this is so interesting! <3
    A and D
    A and D
    A and D He's a jock. I'm not. He's popular. I'm not. He's good-looking. I'm not. And have I mentioned that we're the best of friends? So he loves me... as a friend. Too bad, because I don't just...
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