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Book reader Anime, shoujo Manga lover!
I love to write and love this community.
Favorite Genre? Romance duh! I'm a helpless romantic! But I've had my fair share of heartbreaks
I'm writer but lover at best.
I'm a novice in learning I'm super passionate with my stories.
I hope my words move and twist your emotions as I dive into my writers world
Far warning: I write Manga more than anything my stories will be similar to like Sim Date stories which by the way inspired my drafts
Feedback, criticism, Tips are always welcome on my page
"I talk big but Hey I'm kind by the way"

  • Shoujo Princessđź‘‘
    Hello everyone^-^ whoever reads this, this is just a short story I posted for fun and it's not done yet but I hope it interests you ^-^
    Dolls World
    Dolls World
    Mitsuki Mio is a sixteen year old girl living with her parents in Tokyo japan.With unusual blue hair the color of the ocean she had all her life it is hard for her to make friends or to gain the courage...
  • Shoujo Princessđź‘‘
    I have't received my new keyboard yet -.- But I wrote with my mom's so here is chapter three for those who have waited I sincerely hope you enjoy ^-^ (Yes i know my chapters are really short =p I'll work on that ^-^)
    Ayu is a seventeen year old girl. The only sweet and responsible one in the Izumi family. She's the only biological daughter to her father so when he decided to re-marry she accumulated four evil older...
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