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I love Eminem.
I love horses.
I love food.
I love sleep.
Enough said.
Oh, and don't fuck with me. :)

  • I Love Marshall Mathers
    This is really good so far. :D
    The Bubblegum Brat
    The Bubblegum Brat
    Sylvester is a twenty-five year old mother, living in San Fransisco. Her life is going great, with a loving husband, a four-year-old daughter and newborn son. But what happens when she is invited to a...
  • I Love Marshall Mathers

    mumbled "My Horse"

    This is me and my five year old warmblood gelding, Toy Soldier. He was quite sick recently, that's why he's lacking muscle, but I'm riding him again and he's improving well. :)
    What do yous think of him?? :)
  • I Love Marshall Mathers
    This is really good. Will you update soon?? :)
    The house next door
    The house next doo...
    Have you heard of that house? I guess a lot of people have, because my family is the only one stupid enough to buy the one right next door. I don't know if the stories are true, but it still freaks me...
    6 years ago
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    I will hopefully be starting the next chapter right now, so it should be here either later or in a little bit. :)
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