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All i'm gonna say is...... I LURVE MUSIC!!

Tinie Tempah
The Wanted
One Direction (not all of their songs)
Selena Gomez
Professor Green
Ed Sheeran
Pixie Lott
The Saturdays
Nicki Minaj
Justin Bieber

and wayyyy more :)

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    mumbled "I updated! But..."

    6 years agoReply
    hey.. I updated each of my stories by one chapter =] I might updated them again today too. If you have noticed that I was a fan of yours but now I'm not then its not your fault! Nor is it because I think your stories or poems are shit. Its just, and I should of done this 5 months ago... I'm not a Directioner. I don't think I ever really was. I just went through a phase for like, 3-4 months. I noticed that I only like one or two of their songs (Back For You and Rock Me) and that I don't really like the boys that much. I'm not full-on hating on them, god no! I just dislike them a bit. I can still write the stories though. I mean if it was up to me I would of deleted them ages ago-but I didn't because so many of you liked them and wanted me to go forward with them. Just because I am [not] a Directioner, doesn't mean I don't know enough about them to [not] continue the stories.
    ps: Should I change the title of Valentines Day Sucks?
    6 years ago
    Hey I know wat ur on about I'm gettin abit put of um so I'm gonna write a story about union j hopefully
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    6 years ago
    cool i hope to read it :)
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    mumbled "heyy.... i'm sorry"

    7 years agoReply
    wow i havent been on here for ageess!! really sorry about that btw. i am deleting TMTCW.... because it wasnt going anywhere :( still doing the other two if ya want tho
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    7 years agoReply
    you bozo janelle, there are like 50 of these already!
    Dark (I do not own this)
    Dark (I do not own...
    Note I do not own this story, It's by H28 from One Direction Fanfiction. I'm only putting this story for people who wants to see this story on this website. I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY
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    u cannot leave us hanging, this is the first time in ages that you have updated and i need the next chappie. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    You Want Me More
    You Want Me More
    Summer Rose Valentino is the sneaky, sexy, quirky and mischievous ex-girlfriend of the ever so famous member of One Direction, Harry Styles. It has been almost a year since their break up and things have...
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