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for me,writing isn't just a thing i like to do. its part of my life. i can create and kill people, i can imagine worlds that are full of magic and i can make it crash down in a matter of seconds.

that's why i write, i can join a world where i choose the out come of the people in it.

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    hey guys, just posting about my new story that i'm writing. it doesn't have a name yet but chapter 1 will be up this weekend. its about a girl named Ashley, her parents are the richest people alive and she wants to make normal friends so she doesn't let anyone know shes rich. she plays the guitar and forms a band with her friends. she falls in love with the most popular guy in school and because of it she has to deal with the head cheerleader. its a mix of your typical teenage high school romance mixed with a few new tricks. if your interested in reading my book, please follow me and ill keep you posted.
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