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I am a Twi-Hard (Twilight), Little Black Star (Avril Lavigne), Phan (Dan & Phil), Danosaur (danisnotonfire), Phillion (amazingphil), Mockingjay/ Panemaniac/Tribute (Hunger Games), Potterhead (Harry Potter), Ringer/LoTRian (Lord of the rings), Gaiagphage (Gone series) and a Oasis Fan ! My besties are Gtastic, vampiress, TheDramaLlama, Hazza_direction2123 & starglooms!

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BTW I reccomend the book I co-author called the Hunger Games Song Parodies (its 2nd best lyrics book of all time!!!)

  • HollyMae_9021

    mumbled "I'm Back Biatches!"

    Hi, first of all sorry i haven't been on for a while (now its the holidays i will be on a LOT more :-D ) and also I will try to update ALL my stories/magazines.
    7 years ago
    oh and BTW the pic is of my new movella Lovebites in the Moonlight, its about Vampires and here is the blurb -

    No human really owns themselves - not wholly. Whether you are as much as a cow is to a human or a... entertainer. The women especially, they have much sweeter blood...

    This is the future, the Vampires rule what is left of the Earth and the humans are either farmed for their blood or are slaves for them. I never got to choose. I had to work. I had to be a slave.

    I am Cassie Hope, and I have no hope.

    Enjoy and i will post a link when it's published xxx
  • HollyMae_9021
    Do you guys like the new version - I know i do! I am currently working on a new chapter and a new cover so will try and update ASAP!!! xxx
    The Light
    The Light
    Elena keeps having strange dreams about a dark forest and a bright light, but what do they mean. And when she starts developing strange powers, she realizes the world is not the safe place she grew to...
  • HollyMae_9021
    I'm still on the first chapter and I can't stop reading it, its really good xxx
    Guardian (On Hold)
    Guardian (On Hold)
    Skylar Reynolds was born into the a normal world or so she thought, but when a mysterious new guy appeared at Luna High School everything seemed to change. As Skylar's life, she starts to change, she...
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