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  • HipstaMuffa

    mumbled "still no updates!"

    6 years agoReply

    sorry guys for not updating these days! I'm on my vacation and I'm enjoying it in my province hehe :)
    This place is so refreshing and so very calm. It's called 'Bicol, Sorsogon' in Philippines! yey! But unfortunately, I got sunburn :( it freaking hurts! btw, I posted a photo..
    6 years ago
    Congrats on your vacation! You're a fantastic writer!
    I would be honored if you checked out my Manga here. It's the first of it's kind on Movellas. :)
    Victoriana (Manga)The Manga version of the Movella! (also the first original manga on Movellas ;) ) Drawn by yours truly. To read the first three chapters of Victoriana,...
  • HipstaMuffa

    I'm new and writing a story!

    6 years agoReply
    hey guys! please do read my story, it's called "Keep me safe" :)) it would be awesome if you will! :D Come on! :))
    6 years ago
    I'll read :) Would you mind checking out mine, too? It's called Gift: The Rebellion, thanks! :D
    6 years ago
    i can read yoursand if you get a chance could you read my movella Life After Living
    Life After Living...What happens when you die? Well when Evangeline finds out, her world is tipped upside down quite literally... Terra, Para, Infernum. The three dimensions...
    Thank u :D
    6 years ago
    I will read yours now and commet, please could you read mine
    Dreams Can Come TrueTwo teens Daniel and Jade both hate each other very much. Daniel is forced to take Jade to college every day because his parents know her parents. One...
    it's three chapters for the 'song young movellist of the year' competiton :) I would really appreciate it
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