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    Thanks so much for this Kelsea!
    Shades of 'One Direction' - (16+)
    Shades of 'One Dir...
    I think the cover is pretty self-explanatory. Sexual content - please be advised... ***As with my other stories, I like to incorporate music when and if I can. I will always include the name of the...
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    What was your other account? Because I have a feeling your posing as me because you want to say bad things to people. Why would you write that on LT2? You probably saw that me and Kelsea had been talking on Twitter and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get your opinion about the story out. Well I'm going to talk to Kelsea about you, and sort something out, because I don't want to lose a friend because of you.
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    This is good!
    Loving Harry Styles
    Loving Harry Style...
    Skylar is at an under 18's night club special when One Direction comes onto the stage. Harry point's at Skylar when he sings the line 'what make you beautiful' he comes out to find Skylar after they've...
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    Roller Coaster (1D FanFic)
    Roller Coaster (1D...
    Jealousy is a powerful thing. When Emily's father gets re-married, almost five years after his wife died, Emily is instantly jealous of her new step-mother and step-brother. Will she ever get over it and...
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    I would read this if it wasn't for the grammar!
    nobody gets left behind (niall horan story) <3
    nobody gets left...
    hi my name is dani im a single mother he left and forgot he doesn't know she exists i didn't tell him she will grow up with no father once he became famous we don't matter anymore it hurts seeing him happy...
    Dani horan <3
    5 years ago
    well sorry im a 9th grader that has a c in english
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