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    I'm a directioner :)
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    Non-directioner? Directioner? Sick of fighting? Then take a read.
    6 years ago
    Sorry for the late reply! You've been paired with JustStayStrong - enjoy!(:
    6 years ago
    Hey! Apparently we've been paired up. Talk to me on my blog perhaps?
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    Hey guys c:

    SO, I need a co-author for a story about a girl who's getting bullied, I'm not really sure about the whole storyline yet, but I think it would be kinda interesting! I'm new to the site, but I like writing a lot, and I'm Gifted and Talented at school in English! It could maybe be a 1D or Little Mix fanfic, idk. When I find a co-author, we can discuss it! Please reply! :)
    Pink Gummie Bear
    6 years ago
    Send me a co-author request
    6 years ago
    You need to fan me first! :)
    LittleMissGeek ☯
    If you still need a co-author I would be happy to help, also. I have read the first chapter (it is It Gets Better you are talking about, right?) and it's really good.
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