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sooo...pretty much, i fangirl.

over everything.

one direction, ed sheeran, taylor swift, cher lloyd, little mix, honey boo boo, rita ora, emblem 3, district 3, and union j.

i love to dance and write.

ill never be too old for disney <3

je m'appelle addison.

dance is the hidden language of the soul;*

this is really random.

i wear your granddad's clothes. i look incredible. im in this big a** coat, from the thrift shop down the road.

k...soo...uhm k bye.:)

  • heyharrystyles

    mumbled "DONE!"

    Finally! I FINISHED THE M FACTOR WITH LIKE AN HOUR TO SPARE. That's bad.... oh well, I made it. Hopefully... thank you all so much! I will be doing acknowledgements later.
  • heyharrystyles

    mumbled "Almost Finished!"

    Hey guys! I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so I'm on the last chapter of a Movella that is due today.... I've been working very hard and decided to reach out to my loyal readers. Thank you guys, I couldn't have done it without the 500 reads. It encourages me that somebody's got to care. Thanks so much for being there, and I really appreciate constructive criticism here and/or on my story. Comments make my life, and it would be touching if you commented. That's all for now- Addison signing off.