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Hello there. My name is Hermione Weasley. I used to be Hermione Granger before I married my beloved husband, Ron Weasley. I have 2 beautiful children: Hugo and Rose Weasley. I was born and raised here in London, England.

1/3 of the infamous Golden Trio, I was an amateur master of spells and witchcraft. I attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which indeed felt more like a home to me than just another boarding school.

My oldest child, Rose, will be attending Hogwarts next year, and half of my time is spent getting her things and making plans for her school year.

I now work as a Hogwarts professor for the Spells for a Simpler Life class. Ron studies Muggles like his father. Harry is a rather famous Auror, collecting prisoners for Azkaban. In my precious spare time, I write and publish spell books and Muggle cookbooks for wizards. Wizards are quite interested in our "strange" way of cooking.

Harry, Ginny, Me, Ron, Luna, and Neville all live on the same street, and we all remain the best of friends. That's all for now, bye everyone!


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    Yippee!! I'm so glad you updated! Love the Haymitch twist, by the way. Carry on soon!!
    The Hunger Games: Breaking Freedom
    The Hunger Games:...
    As you know I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games so I thought that I would make a fourth book about Katniss' life with her children and Peeta. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ ALL THE HUNGER GAMES BOOKS!
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    This is brill. I love this world, this storyline, everything about. Keep writing, Love!
    The Huntress
    The Huntress
    This story is set in a different world called Azure - a world of the most unique creatures from mermaids to unicorns to dragons to another species you must have never heard of - The Hunters. They are an...
    7 years ago
    Thank you so much, so sorry for the late reply!
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    Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire
    A phoenix will rise from the ashes and be reborn, only one can exist and he is bound to protect the daughter of death and fate, the most powerful child who was never supposed to exist. Army's will rise...
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    Very interesting... Please continue Darling!
    Being Harry Potters older sister
    Being Harry Potter...
    My name is Heather Potter, yes I am Harry Potters sister. I haven't seen Harry since he was little, since our parents died. When he started Hogwarts I was in my 3rd year at Hogwarts, It was nice to see...
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