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    mumbled "The freak from space"

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    When people think of alien they think slimy nasty freaks.Well that not how we are. We are more like super heros or villains.On my planet every 300 years there is a red lord born.The red lord is suppost to attack humans with a army.Im that red lord i refused to hurt anyone and my planet turned on me and was going to destroy me.The first chance I had i went to earth.
    Earth was a weird place compared to my planet. After 20 years i got used to it.My human mom Rebecca Brooks took care of me from the age 9 to 19. She was killed by some aleins that were after me and now im 25 years old. I have no dad either he died to one of my powers that I have so both of my parents deaths were because of me.
    I have diffrent powers I have amazing strength when im angry I control lightning witch is what killed my dad and lastly I have super speed.
    I never knew what my planets name was and i might never know. Every day I wonder what my planets name was and if they will come and try to destroy me