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    I can't edit this story.. Its saying that I have no movellas published and idk what to do ,, do you guys want me to re-type the story into a new book orrrr ....???
    My Brothers Bestfriend.
    My Brothers Bestfr...
    5sos are not famous, they never become famous, they don't want to be famous, infact they don't even make youtube videos. They all go to school together, with Michaels sister, Olivia. All five of them are...
  • heartbreakhemmings
    SORRY I WAS AWAY FOR AGES IM GONNA CARRY ON MY STORY NOW THAT IM BACK <333 I'm so sorry i forgot my password but then i found it in all of my memos and i'm going to carry on writing now xxx
  • heartbreakhemmings
    I am going to be writing a movella soon called 'My Brothers Bestfriend' and yeah I'm just finishing planning it so it should be up within the next few days maybe tonight... Idk but it'll be up soon!����
  • heartbreakhemmings
    Please omg I am trying to turn the page now and it's not going�� please omg����������
    Secrets Behind Closed Doors (Lashton)
    Secrets Behind Clo...
    LUKE: I've never thought about it before. But I think I'm getting feelings for ashton. Am I gay? ASHTON: I've been keeping this secret for years. It's not the easiest thing for the whole school to find...
    5 years ago
    Haha I do that all the time
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