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    mumbled "Hello, Long time no see!"

    Hey guys... sorry for never updating. I suck at updating and you can't update on ipods so... But! Im going to repost all my stories on here to Wattpad. so you can follow me there because I have other stories too!! :P Sorry guys, love you all. After I take all my stories on here down and post them to Wattpad, im deleting this account. theres no point in having it if Im not going on it. hope you understand! bye! <3 :)
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    mumbled "Can anyone make a awesome cover?"

    I need a caver for my new story. Its called Teach Me What Love Is. Its about a girl named Samantha and she gets adopted by one direction. please if you can help, please let me know! thanks so much.
    5 years ago
    I can do it. But, i need to know the principal characters who appear into your new story.
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    Can anyone make a fan fiction cover?

    i need a really awesome cover for my newest story called Teach Me What Love Is. If you can please go on to my profile here and comment on my Mumble about a cover. All the details are in the Mumble. Thanks so much! PLease help!!
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    dang!! I wanted to read this!!!! what's the rating?!? how old you gotta b?!!
    Be My Eyes - Larry Stylinson AU -
    Be My Eyes - Larry...
    Being "visually impaired" was never a hassle for the young man named Harry Styles. He went to school and came back home, no big deal. Occasionally he would mess up a bit by walking into the girl's bathroom...
    5 years ago
    On wattpad? It's rated PG-13 :) Here's the link if you want to read it: wattpad.com/story/16132369-be-my-eyes-la..

    you really don't have to be a specific age to read it, though xoxo
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