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hi im a directioner!!!! i have a wattpad to my name there is taylor gomez!

  • hazza15

    mumbled "im very lazy"

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    hi so for anyone reading my movellas or um requesting for a spot on my imagines please wait patiently im not on the computer much :)
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    mumbled "fire!!!!!"

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    hi im goin to make some imagines so please comment here and comment this please:
    hair color:
    fashion sense:
    and that's it so please if i have done yours please spread them for me to make many preferences
    7 years ago
    Name: Chloe
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Fashion sense: A bit weird but not too out there... combat boots and beanies ^-^
    Situation: Truth or Dare
    Boy: Harry!
    7 years ago
    name: Katelin, Katie or Kat
    hair color: Brown
    fashion sense: Jeans, converse, t-shirts, nerd glasses
    situation: Spin the bottle
    boy: Harry
    7 years ago
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    ok i will work on it now
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