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idk do u even care? lmao

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    mumbled "new imagines!"

    i have made some improvements in my imagine and im gonna post it again so it would be awsome if you checked it out! (when i actuallystop eating and get out of bed and do it hehe) also!!!!! im thinking about writing another imagine too like a really romantic one but i dont know with WHO i should do it with? like a one direction or 5sos member or maybe someone else you'd like? pls tell me. or maybe it should be with someone random?
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    mumbled "hey so no one really cares but whatever... "

    i just logged in after 5000 years and movellas has improved and its awsome!! i was thinking about deleting this account, not sure anyone gives a damn, but um yea. just wanting to let you know. right now im actually quite impressed by the whole change and i just wanted your opinion. should i leave?
    or nah?
    (nash grier slays bye)
    4 years ago
    @[Ariaboo314] u think i should stay? aw thanks a lotttt i guess!!
    3 years ago
    No u need to finish this story it's really good so far
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    heyy guys this is my NEW story and I'm loving the plot. It would mean a lot to me if you read it and told me what you think xoxo :)
    Cinderella and The Prince Of... High School ~ A Harry Styles Love Story
    Cinderella and The...
    Rose is living a hard life with her mean aunt. She has been hurt a lot of times. She’s strong and brave though, and with her brother, Louis, and friends she manages to stay happy. What will happen when...
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    mumbled "hiii guys"

    soo.. i have a story called "One Way Or Another" and i really don't know what to update. It feels like this story has ended. Maybe i will updae a new chapter so the romance has a happy ending. :) I would like to have your opinion though. :) Anddd.. I am thinking of writing a new book, with a very nice plot. Soo.. that;s it. Lots of love :)

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