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I am curiosity.
I am insanity.
I am invisible.
I am human.
I am everything but ordinary.

I have a mask. Can you see it? Maybe not. Beneath the emotions of pure joy and love, I am alone. I am a black hole in the galaxy we call life.

But like a black hole, I will take everything I can get. I will take love, I will take friendship. With every step of my broken road, I gain. I become light. I like to spread light.

But as friendships die out, I am pushed back. Back into oblivion. Back into my darkness. Do not push me aside for my problems. Do not consider me a waste of your time. No one is perfect.

Just because I do not seem how people have concluded normal or perfect to be, does not mean I should be thought less of. Yes, I might have mental disorders. Yes, I might be controlling. But everyone has a story. Mine has yet to be read.

I do not wish for my friends to end up like the old ones. I do not wish for anyone to suffer the way I have. I do not wish for anyone to be excluded, simply for their difference. Everyone is different, and that is perfect.

I am myself.
I am human.
I am not perfect.
But I am comfortable in my way.

Comfortable beats perfect any day.

For those who do not want to believe.
That those girls on the magazines with the perfect body, hair, face are what they should be.
They are a social standard. I'd rather be an outcast than a standard.

I am curiosity, for my lack of social desire.
I am insanity, for I am far from normal.
I am invisible, for being observant is my strength.
I am human, for I am not perfect.
I am everything but ordinary.

And I like that.

  • Baby Fox
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    // now you know what it's like to feel insane, darling // devin sola au // copyright andi horror 2015 //
    That's The Spirit
    XD Soon.
    Baby Fox
    5 years ago

  • Baby Fox

    mumbled "and the teacher of the year award goes to.."

    5 years agoReply
    Math class. 10:12. Sat down, did bell work. Girl came up to me. Told me I should go back to the adoption house. Gathered my courage. Flipped her off. Both hands. In front of the teacher. Full view. Girl stomped off. Teacher smiled and nodded at me.
    Teacher of the year Award goes to my math teacher. For not saying a word about flipping someone off.
    For smiling at my offensive-self-defense.
    Best. Teacher. Ever.
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